SSC 2022 14th Week Accounting Assignment Answer & PDF Download

SSC 14th Week Bangladesh History

SSC 2022 14th Week Accounting Assignment Answer, PDF Download & Question! The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has released the 14th Week Assignment for SSC candidates of 2022. Today we are publishing the 14th Week of Accounting Assignment Solution for SSC Examiners. All the assignments given in the 14th Week Assignments will be found on our website.

Accounting is a very important subject for SSC candidates. Those of you who are looking for Accounting Assignment Questions and Solutions in the 14th week of SSC 2022 can download the Question Solution PDF from our website. The solution for Accounting Assignment has been published in PDF format for the convenience of SSC 2022 students.

If you are SSC 2022 and looking for an accounting assignment then you must read the completed post carefully. Because through the next article you will find the perfect solution for accounting Assignments in PDF format. Also today we have published the solution for all the assignments of the 14th week for the convenience of all the students.

14th Week Assignment for SSC 2022 candidates

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has released the assignment for the 2022 SSC candidates in the 14th week. The 14th Week Assignment was published for the students participating in the 2022 SSC examination provided by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board as per the instructions of the Ministry of Education due to the Karna epidemic.

As always all the students have been instructed to solve all the assignments and submit them to their respective educational institutions. Today we will publish all the assignment questions and solutions published in the 14th week in PDF format.

If you want to download the 14th Weekly Published Assignment Questions and Solutions PDF then I would say come to the right website. For the SSC candidates of 2022, in the 14th week, Mathematics, Chemistry, Accounting, Bangladesh, and World Civilization subjects were given.

14th Week of Accounting Assignment Solution for SSC 2022 Examiners

Looking for Accounting Assignment in SSC 2022 14th Week? Don’t understand how to solve the 14th Week accounting assignment?

But no worries today we have published the 14th week SSC Accounting Assignment Solution. From our website, you will find the questions and solutions of this Accounting Assignment in PDF format.

Assignment Title:

  1. Business capital investment is 56 lakh rupees.
  2. Purchase of equipment 17 lakh rupees
  3. 3 lakh 75 thousand taka loan from a bank
  4. Purchase of goods 7 lakh rupees
  5. 2 lakh 80 thousand rupees to pay the employee
  6. Electricity and telephone bill 5000 rupees. The receipt of rent is 25000 rupees

. Profit from investment is 24000 rupees

  1. Out of Rs. 30,000 rent, Rs. 6,000 for 2018.
  2. The commission received 35000 rupees out of which 5 thousand rupees for 2017
  3. Purchase and sale of goods 16 lakh 75 thousand Taka.

Learning OutcomesContent:

পারবে Be able to describe the concept of capital and profit national transactions

পরিমাণ Capital and profit margins can be properly applied while preparing profit and loss amount and financial statements.

SSC 14th Week Accounting Assignment


  1. The concept of capital and profit national transactions.
  2. Capital and profit The concept of national income and expenditure.
  3. Determine the amount of profit received from connected transactions.
  4. Calculate the amount of ownership per annum from the combined transactions.

For those of you who are looking for SSC 2022 14th Week of Accounting Assignment, I would say you can download the solution PDF from our website. For the convenience of students participating in SSC exams, today we have solved the accounting assignment by experienced teachers and then published it on the website. Those who have not yet found the Assignment for SSC 2022 14th Week can download it from here.

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