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Faridpur Palli Bidyut Samity Job Circular

Faridpur Palli Bidyut Samiti job Circular 2022 will be published in Faridpur Palli Bidyut Samiti. Notice of appointment at Faridpur Palli Bidyut Samiti. In the vacant post of Faridpur Pallividyut Samiti’s security guard, 15 security guards (on a contract basis) will be appointed through an outsourcing system under PUBS’s own funds. Sealed tender is being invited on its own letterhead pad from security service providers interested in providing manpower in the outsourcing process. Interested candidates can know the details from the said post.

The town of Fatehabad was situated by a stream known as the Dead Padma, which was 32 kilometers (20 miles) away from the main channel of the Padma River. Sultan Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah established a mint at Fatehabad during his reign in the early 15th century. Fatehabad continued as a mint town of the Sultanate of Bengal till 1538.

In Ain-i-Akbari, during the reign of Emperor Akbar in the Mughal Empire, it was renamed Hawli Mahal Fatehabad. Portuguese cartographer Joey de Barros referred to it as Fatibas. Van den Brook’s Dutch map describes it as Father. Apply by seeing the recruitment notification 2022 in Faridpur Palli Bidyut Samiti

Application Form Download See Below:

  1. Application start date:19/05/2021 Eng
  2. Last date of application: 10/08/2021 Eng
  3. Description: Recruitment of 15 security guards through outsourcing system.
  4. Price of tender documents: Rs. 1500 / –
  5. Tender Security Amount: Rs. 2,55,000 / –
  6. Tender Document Sales Schedule: 19/05/2021 To be 09/08/2021 AD. Until.
  7. Tender acceptance schedule: 10/07/2021 AD. Till 12.00 hrs (BST) Faridpur PUBIS, Headquarters, Kanaipur, Faridpur and Director, PUBIS Monitoring and BA Directorate, Bapbibo, Dhaka.
  8. Permission to open tenders: 10/06/2021 AD. Till 12.00 hrs (BST) Faridpur PUBIS, Headquarters, Kanaipur, Faridpur and Director, PUBIS Monitoring and BA Directorate, Bapbibo, Dhaka. Terms and conditions of application to Faridpur Palli Bidyut Samiti

Faridpur Palli Bidyut Samiti Job Circular 2022:

  • Qualification: See the circular
  • Salary: See the circular
  • vacancy: See the circular
  • Application deadline: see blew
  • Work time: Full time
  1. Interested bidders will be able to collect additional information from the address given during office hours and purchase and view tender documents.
  2. Interested bidders in favor of Faridpur Palli Bidyut Samiti attach pay-order / bank draft of Rs. 1500 / – (non-refundable) for each tender document from any scheduled bank: by applying on own letterhead pad along with the general manager of Faridpur Pobis (during office consultation) Bidyut Samiti’s Headquarters, Kanaipur, Faridpur and Director, PUBIS Monitoring and Expeditionary Directorate, Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board, Joar Sahara, Khilkhet, Dhaka. Note that no tender documents will be sent by post or courier.
  3. Interested bidders next 10/07/2021 AD. The tender should be submitted in the reserved tender box at Faridpur Palli Bidyut Samiti’s Headquarters, Kanaipur, Faridpur or Director, PUBIS Monitoring and Business Directorate, Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board, Jowar Sahara, Khilkhet Dhaka at 12.00 noon. No tenders will be accepted after the stipulated time. The tenders submitted will be opened in the presence of the bidders at the specified place as per the schedule.
  4. The tender has to be submitted along with the fulfillment of the conditions mentioned in the tender schedule. Incomplete tenders will be considered canceled.
  5. Corn-cutting / rubbing will not be acceptable in the tender. Surplus quotes should be written in numbers and words. If the total price is wrong, the authority will revise the total price considering the single price.
  6. If anyone has any queries/explanations regarding the tender, the request should be made in writing to the specified address at least 7 days before the scheduled time for submission of tender.
  7. Faridpur Pallividyut Samiti reserves the right to accept or reject any tender without giving any reason. In case of non-compliance, the decision of the association authority will be final.

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